.Ithaki Choir - Songs of Sailors
. Friday 25th May 2012
Vathi Ithaca Greece ..

As one walked up from the bayside of Vathy, you could here the sweet voices of the choir echoing from the Cultural Center in Vathy as the Ithaki Choir honored the songs of sailors in their performance last night. The Ithaki Choir is made up of members from Kioni to Vathy and everywhere in between. They are committed group of locals who keep the traditions of Greek song alive, not only for themselves and their families, but for all Ithacans. Each time they perform, they do so to attentive and enthusiastic crowds. Whether young or old, foreign or local, the songs transcended language barriers. A lovely night.

The Ithaki Choir Performed
from Sailors at the Cultural Center in Vathy Ithaca Greece