Ithaki Dance Group 'Like the Old Cinema'
Friday 20th April 2012 Stavros Community Hall Ithaca Greece

There was alot of 'Kefi' food cheer, this night. The audience really appreciated the dancing and the atmosphere created by the organizers of the dance. The children were particularly talented. They danced with a flow and timing that was for me, completely unexpected from this age.

I would like to thank the Group for inviting me to come along. I really love being able to share the traditions of Ithaca and Greece on Thank you all.


XARILAOS TSIGONIAS What a really wonderful night of traditional dance on Ithaca. The group consists of a dedicated mixture of children and adults from all over the island, each talented. The nights performance was designed to emmulate the old days at the cinema when there was dance and music while the films played. A screen showed the old movies that Greece is so nostalgic for, while the group danced to the music of the time.