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South Gippsland 1

My primary reason to visit Australia was to see my family and some friends. I didn't expect to be a tourist in my own state, but with my mother moving to South Gippsland, I ended up being the accidental tourist and loving it.

My usual haunts were inner city, and at first I thought 'how the hell will I cope being stuck in country Victoria'. I was so pleasantly surprised. South Gippsland areas is just beautiful. How did I miss that all those years living in Victoria? No idea. Guess I was too busy bolstering a career and being too cool to care what was outside of my immediate friendly space.

The rolling green hills of South Gippsland are primarily used for dairy cows. It's Milk country. We managed to see it after the long drought, in a pristine and lush green state. Magical really.

Another nice surprise was that one of my best friends had also moved to the area, Loch Village (actually called village, not town) and bought the old bank with which she and her partner will be running a brewery and may also distill a litte whiskey. They should be up and running some time this year, so if you're in the area look up Melinda and Craig at the Loch Brewery.

With only a few days into my Victorian holiday, I got quite ill. At first I thought it was just the flu I probably caught from someone on the plane, but it soon became clear that it was much worse than that, and not only was it going to almost ruin my holiday, it was going to cause me a considerate amount of pain. Shingles on the back of my head. Ow!

December 2012 - January 2013

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Above - A black crow terrorizing the shopping center car park in Carrum.

Had to take a pic of this truck. It reminded me of Penshurst, a small town in the Western District of Victoria in 1964 when my family first migrated to Australia from Germany.


Leaving Ithaki     South Gippsland 1 2 3 4     Melbourne and Inner city     Coastal     Return to ithaki