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South Gippsland 2

For the first couple of weeks in Australia, the weather was still quite chilly. In South Gippsland even chillier. I arrived with Summer clothes and quickly headed to the shops for a couple of pullovers. Brrrrr.

I had forgotten just how long Summer takes to arrive and how changeable the weather can be in only one day. Although December is officially the start of the Summer season, someone had forgotten to tell the weather man and thus, it felt like we hadn't left Europe at all. The temperatures were actually colder than Greece.

One thing I miss about Australia is the markets with retro and vintage clothing. Greeks aren't big on that kind of thing, but I always have been, so it was a pleasant surprise that one such market would exist in the depth of South Gippsland. The Kongwak Market was just packed with alternative types selling their vintage specials. That, and the good old snag on the barbie went down very well.

I must admit I always suffered quite badly from a cultural cringe that had anything to do with Australia (apart from the music scene which has always been better than that of many other countries), guilty of thinking Europe was by far superior, having felt European and not Australian nearly all my life, but over the past few years I've become quite nostalgic about Australia and have begun to appreciate it's beauty and very special characteristics.

When we first migrated to Australia, we were settled in the Western District, a country area, flat and dry. Cuckaburrows and magpies, gum trees and the smell of eucalyptus. Very different to South Gippsland, but not so different that I didn't see my history around every gum tree.

That's my mum below :) She turned 84 this January '13. Still wearing a ring I bought her back in the 90's from Monasteraki market in Athens.

December 2012 - January 2013

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South Gippsland is also horse country. Fine specimens grazing around the green hills and valleys of the area.

The forests of South Gippsland are epic and ancient. Tall trees and ferns, thick and lush. Much of the forests have been cut down to cultivate the land in this area, but what remains is just awesome.

South Gippsland includes the towns Leongatha, Bena, Foster, Kongwak, Koonwarra, Buffolo, Darby River, Dumbalk, Fish Creek, Korumburra, Loch, Meeniyan, Mirboo North, Nyora, Poowong, Port Franklin, Port Welshpool, Sandy Point, Inverloch, Stoney Creek, Tarwin Lower, Toora, Venus Bay, Walkerville, Waratah Bay, Yanakie, Ruby, Mount Eccles and Wilson's Promotory to name some, and I think we went through nearly all the areas during our month in victoria. Most towns are just small communities of farmers, but some, like Inverloch on the coast, are buzzing summer locations for holiday makers.

Much of the first few weeks were marred with rain. A bit of a disappointment, but not completely a waste as it did make for more dramatic skies, better for photographs.

Being ill was far from ideal, but it did make me spend more time with the family that I would otherwise have done. There's a blessing in every misfortune when you look hard enough.

Above - The local store. Get your white bread, milk and newspapers here.

Above - A country garage. Get the ute in for a service.

The cows, or in this case, young bulls, see you coming and always come close to say hello.


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