Clean Monday Monday 14th March 2016

A chilly and drizzly day greeted Ithacans for Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday) when red meat bows out for the duration of Greek Easter Lent. We first headed to Anoghi, where traditionally, locals fly kites on the mountain after some feasting on foods other than meat. The community room was already almost full at 11am

The drizzle eventually stopped, but with no wind, kite flying in Anoghi was again, for another year, out of the question. I've only witnessed it one time very early on in my stay on Ithaca. It didn't matter though, lots of people coming up for the food, wine and company. Many people turning up with food they have prepared themselves.

We then headed to Kioni, where locals were cooking up another kind of storm at the old primary school of this bayside village. Here there was not only home made fare brought by the locals, but also calamari on the grill. A big hit with all the locals.

By the time we reached Kioni, it was overcast, but no rain, so lots of people were able to congregate outside the school. Very handy, considering the inside was full to the brim. A huge turnout this year for Kathara Deftera in Kioni. Alot of fun for everyone.

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