Good Friday Friday 29th April 2016

It felt quite strange to have Greek Easter fall so close to May, with the 2016 Season under way. Usually it's a chilly early April night, but it's amazing the difference a few weeks make. A mild night for Good Friday and the ritual burning of Judas. There have been church services all week as we lead up to the big feast on Sunday. The busiest week for Greek clergy with sometimes 2 or 3 services a day at different churches around the island.

After the service, Judas was set alight. I'm really feeling quite sorry for him after all these years of getting burned at the stake by an enthusiastic crowd, but the burning of Judas against the stone wall of a ruin which stands opposite the church, seems to be the highlight of Good Friday, at least for all the kids and the kids at heart. While Judas burns, the epitaph is paraded along the bayside to the pier, where a small show of fire works is ignited into the Kioni night sky.      Real Estate