Mylos Creperie Carnival Party Thursday 10th March 2016

Many establishments, committees and just plain old Ithacans, celebrate the Carnival season with a big dress up affair/party. Nikos and Viki, despite them having a new baby girl to add to their family continue the Mylos tradition with a big colourful party.

It was a much chillier night than what February had offered up, but it didn't matter, the theme was face painting and that's what Ithacans did, coming from north and south for some social letting loose with their faces painted all shades of Carnival fun.

Conversations roared and the drinks kept coming!

Around midnight, the volume of the music went up a little.

The further the clock past midnight, the looser people became of course and foot tapping began.

Ithaki has not been left behind in the mobile connectivity stakes. Everyone's best buddy was their phone.

Even Stelios Parris, after his very recent success putting on a play called The Murderesses of Papadiamanti, ventured out to get with the Carnival program.

Thanks to Mylos Creperie for a great party!      Real Estate