Oxi Day Friday 28th October 2016

Oxi Day, the historic rememberance of when Metaxas told Mussolini 'No', is celebrated annually with parades around Greece. We started off in Stavros, but with timing tight, there's always one that I miss out. This year it was the Stavros Parade. I caught a little post sermon but then had to rush to Vathy.

Although the forecast threatened rain, the parades went ahead as planned during the morning dry spell. It wasn't until everyone had settled, ready for the speeches, that the rain began to fall. Luckily not very heavily, but the drizzle did require an umbrella. This year it was like a breath of fresh air to hear a young Ithacan give the introductory speech, another noteworthy change from the new Council under Dionisis Stanitsas.

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