Stavros Carnival Saturday 18th February 2017

Stavros community and Primary school club organized a great children's celebration pre-carnival. Lots of games and fun, music and joy. The kids and the parents put on their carnival best to colour up a grey night.

The forecast had rain for the night, but apart from a little drizzle, the Stavros childrens carnival celebrations, held in the village square, stayed dry just long enough for everything to conclude with a little dance in the square.

After a long and cold winter, it was great to see so many in the north of the Island, head out to enjoy some wholesome fun.

The potatoe sack race, turned to a health and safety issue, after a child fell and cried. The rest of the race was continued without the sacks.

Once the sun was set, groups seperated to go light their lanterns.

They descended from different areas of the village to parade the lights.      Real Estate