Marida Festival Sunday 1st October 2017

Last year we missed this wonderful festival at Polis Bay, but this year the weather was absolutely stunning for the Marida (sardine) festival. Over the years it's become as much a celebration for the visitors to the island as it is for the locals. A great time for everyone to get together on the beach for some food, wine and dance. Perfect.

Usually the fishermen go out with their boats and bring in the marida fresh from the catch, but this year they were brought in. I don't really know whether it has to do with new fishing laws or whether it was a case of being caught off guard, but nonetheless, the marida were delicious and the day was stunningly summery for the first day of October.

Blue skies, blue seas, happy people, perfect Greek Island celebration. Ithaca Greece, the Gem of the Ionian!

The Marida Festival is a great day of celebration for the whole family.      Real Estate