The Resurrection - Greek Easter Saturday 7th April 2018

Another special night at the small chapel in Exoghi for The Resurrection celebration for this year's Greek Easter. Not as many people attended this year, but it was actually better for it not to be so crowded. Again, the mild weather made for a very comfortable time, especially considering half the service is also outside the church. This year's congregation included Phil Poynter, renowned photographer and Giorgos Mazonakis, well known Greek entertainer and recent visitor to the island, but you'll have to guess which back of the head they are. I wouldn't stick my camera in anyone's face during a religious service, especially not during Greek Easter.

After Exoghi we headed back down the mountain to catch the end of The Resurrection celebration at Sotiros church in Stavros. The spoilers were the fire crackers (not the ones that light up the sky with a snap , but the ones that sound like Syria is in town and you better duck for cover) The 2 camps of 'yes to' and 'no to' decided to make their point during the end of the liturgy with some very disrespectful commentary. Actually, almost bullying of the priest. Was not impressed. The simple solution would be to do fire crackers before and after the service and not during, but that would be too simple. (ok, that is sarcasm)      Real Estate