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The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Who's here, who's doing what, who got too drunk to remember last night...

Around The Villages

June 2003

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

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t's June, it's Summer!


The Supermarket in Frikes, run by Kiki and Oz, is quickly becoming the latest 'hang out' for some of the locals. We drove past at 5pm and then again at 11pm and the only thing that changed is that the beers started to stack up on the table.


Sunday June 8th, Ithacas Municipal School of Music with choir, gave a tuneful performance in the Stavros Hall to an appreciative audience. They sang a selection of well known songs from around Greece. Conducted by Spiros Theotokatos and accompanied on piano by Gregory Schafer, harmonica - Panoyiannis Kouloumbis and guitar - Gerasimos Deftereos.


In Kioni there is a big debate going on about extending the concrete 5 meters into the bay. Some residents are for it the others against it. It was thought this issue had been settled with the voting in of the current Representative who agreed this extension should not be developed. Yiorgos Karantzis from Spavento Bar has a petition going AGAINST the development. Show your support for or against by emailing us here and we will pass them on.



August 20th - After a signed petition against developing Kioni Bay was presented to the Council, all plans were rejected. The answer is NO.

Kiki, Supermarket owner, with Nikos Douglas from Frikes Bike rentals. Sharing a long moment on the first Summer night.
Grigorios Vlassopoulos, Theothosis Dendrinos, Gerasimos Deftereos, Maria Andrianatou, Spirithoula Karantzi, Anna Kahrila, Athanasia Kouloumbi, Fotios Kouloumbis, Constantina Kostopoulou, Ionanis Molfesis, Maria Briasouli- Marouli, Niki Tsigonia, Effi Vitoratou, Barbara Vlassopoulou, Alexandra Vlaxou, Kiki Vlisma, Spirithon Grivas, Yiorgia Dellaporta, Gerasimos Deftereos, Giovanna Deftereou, Thalia Candilioti, Panoyiannis Kouloumbis, Christina Kostiri, Anna Molfesi, Toula Pavlatou, Marina Fotopoulou.
June 19th and 20th the weather turned a little wild. After the heat wave it was a welcomed relief for many.
Anna Maria sends a big sloppy kiss from Frikes to her grandparents in England
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