Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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July 2005 Around the Villages of Ithaca
tue 12 July - Above - Winding down at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes after a busy night. The warm and humid evening makes Frikes the ideal place to cool down.
Wed 13 July - A windy night yesterday, moves everyone inside, mostly home and back to hotel rooms, but for the die hards it's was off to the Bars around the island while they waited out the airchange and temp drop.
Spavento Bar in Kioni
Wed 13 July - Tomorrow, Thur 14 July, Guitarist Vagelis Germanos will play 'live' in Kioni. Starts 22.00 in the village Square.
Thur 14 July - Above and Below left - Raxi General Store is lovingly known around northern Ithaki as the Raxi Club due to the home fires burning late into the night behind closed doors. Proprietor, Costa Paizi, not only provides supplies for the community, but also a place for the community and tourists if they wish, to gather, have a drink, share a conversation or watch some tv. Many visitors are curious about this establishment, maybe it's time to take a look inside and say hello to Costa.
Fri 15 July - Above Right - Many times during yesterday, it seemed the wind would bring in the rainfall experienced on the mainland, but Ithakis micro climate overted holiday disaster again.
Left - Andronikos and Anastasia make the perfect match, Pharmacist and doctor relaxing together at Spavento Bar in Kioni after the 3 day wind breaks.
Right - Vagelis Germanos thrilled the audience in Kioni last night with songs that he has made popular over the 3 decades he has been a musician in Greece.
Kioni was alive with the sound of Vagelis Germanos for over 3 1/2 hours. He had his fans singing along with him and dancing as he infecting the entire village with his easy way. For more pics click here or on Photo above. Vagelis Germanos comes to Ithaca.
Left - Father and daughter, Billy and Leigh ann Vassilopoulos take time out from their family business of Hardware and Construction to enjoy a night out in Kioni. With all the building going on around the island,, these two are busier than they want to be in a Summer everyone else enjoys by sitting at the beach..
Sat 16 July - Last night The Greek National Theatre Company performed 'A Mid Summer Nights' Dream at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. More pics later.
Click here or on Photo Above for more pics of A Mid Summer Nights' Dream performed by the Greek National Theatre Company in the Garden Theatre, Vathy, Ithaca
Sun 17 July - Ricky Church and Dimitris Danis enjoy a coffee in Vathy Square. Settling right into after a move to the main village from Kioni a year ago.
Left - Eder Cardoso, recent edition to the islands' full time occupants and teacher of dance at the Vathy Gym, shares a tender moment with a couple of his students. Eder teaches adults on Thursdays and children on Tuesdays, he will also be putting on a performance in August, Presented by Dimitris Danis. Look out for the posters.
Don't forget the Exoghi Panighiri is on tonight. If you want to eat, go around 10pm if you just want to party, go at midnight. Parking is easier at that time.
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