Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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July 2005 Around the Villages of Ithaca
Mon 18 July - 6pm lazy Sunday eve. Everybody to the beach. Still day time, let's go to Polis. A hot day yesterday drove all into the water right through the afternoon and into the evening. The combined fishing harbor and beach is a great place to spend all day. the Cantina
has great refreshments and snacks while under the shade of the big tree, Lucky has his umbrellas and sun beds for hire and McGyver gives those sore shoulders and legs a good rub down. Recent addition to Polis Bay is the hire of boats. Get to it.
While the boys on the beach did a little bird watching, Paul (left), who works for a tour company, took a few minutes to day dream his workday out of the office and down to bay, before business called him back to reality. Lucky (Above Left) cools himself down with an ice cream before a swim and strikes a pose before he dives in.
Exoghi Panighiri
Feast of Ag. Marina
Sun 17th July 2005
The first of the big Panighiri last night at Exoghi. The Feast of Ag. Marina. As usual, parking was a nightmare and the party didn't end until dawn. For more pics click here or on photo - right. If you don't have Broadband please be patient. There are many photos to load down
Tue 19 July - Above - Nikki from Hotel Nostos in Frikes, sends a smile to her daughter Tania in Athens, not able to make it back to Ithaki for the Summer.
The island cats are getting fatter as the tourist season progresses. The feline above is looking very well fed for a stray, and isn't camera shy either. Even he wants to get on the website and show off his purr-fect body.
Below Left - Which Frikes Restaurant owners order Pizza from Bemenis for themselves and their staff after the evening shift?
Wed 20 July - Yesterday there was no escaping the knowledge that the Summer Season is now fully in swing. People everywhere, lots of bikes, cars and pedestrians sharing what were the lonely streets of Ithaca just over a month ago. Last nights' full moon brought out the 'wild ones' and it couldn't have been any wilder than at Century Club in Vathy which had the strippers back for another Summer show and at Soris Way Creperie in Stavros, where a Hens night was celebrated.
Below - Emergency in Frikes last night when a young man passed out from working too hard. Luckily local nurses Demetri and Lucky were on call with just the right medicine. to revive the faint Brit. He was advised to go directly to Bemenis and stay all night, as going home may tempt the young man to sleep instead of taking more of his medicine.
Kioni Panighiri
Wed 20th July
A warm and sultry night with a fresh breeze for the annual Festival in Kioni birings people from around the island to the harbour village in the north of Ithaki. As usual there is lots of food served up by all the restaurants, music by the Panighiri band and Stalls set up by Gypsies on the outskirts of the village. Click here or on Photograph (left) for more Kioni action for the Feast of St. Illias in Kioni Festival.
Fri 21 July - Below - Maria and Maso went to Platrithia on a little business from Vathy, but ended spending some quality time at Yefyri for a drink and a snack.
Sat 23 July - Frikes Pin-up, Laki, strikes a pose for hOME ithaca greece website...and it's only his second beer.
The wedding of the Summer, Jo Farah and Natasha Styliano was held yesterday in Anoghi at 7.30pm with the reception later at Mazourka Estate. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances there are no pics for the site, but by all accounts it was a lovely wedding for this happy couple.
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