Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Tue 9 Aug - Vathy is wall to wall with yachts. Wherever there is a place to moor, a vessel is moored. It's quite a change for the sleepy port village.
A bin. Let's throw rubbish at it and see what happens...Nothing.
Vathy had a great buzz about it yesterday. So much movement, sun, fun and Summer fishing expeditions that produced a fruitful end. A proud moment for this fisherman (left) when he dragged this whopper to shore and impressed everyone including vegetarians with the size. No need to exaggerate this catch. It's big alright.
The mobile Flee Market was in town and attracted locals and tourists alike with its' antiques and old bric a brac.
Sunset in Patras
Sunrise in Athens

Fri 12 Aug - Above - It's not unusual for those coming to Ithaki to experience an Athens sunrise and a Patras sunset.

Left - The Summer Minstrels come to Frikes. A bit on the tame side while they decided which songs to play in which key and to what person. This talented threesome decided to play to an empty table. They may have made enough to buy themselves a Greek coffee.
Sat 13 Aug - It's a busy August on Ithaca all around. To find a quiet spot at the beach will take a bit of creative thinking or hiring a boat to take you to some deserted spot on the farside. Yachts are dropping anchor too close for comfort at times and echos of St. Tropez ring loud. Below - Krouvoulia 2 Beach outside Frikes is one of the most popular of the beaches between Frikes and Kioni and as the sun begins to set, there are still bodies soaking up rogue rays or cooling in the sea breeze. The only thing that can stir a little movement is some crashing surf the Superfast ferry generates, 20 minutes after it has passed.
Christo makes a proud Uncle
Left - Christo, from Kioni spends some quality time with his sister Dimitra and niece, Anna Maria in Frikes where Dimitra and her husband Lucas live.
Right - The big concert of the Summer with Yiannis Kotsiras, Rallia Christidi and Manolis Famelos went off with a bang last night at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. It's been a long while since the Theatre was packed this full with sweaty and throbbing bodies cramming forward to the stage to get a better look and a digi photo of their Pop idols. The band pumped and had everyone dancing to the songs they all knew
Yiannis Kotsiras, Rallia Christidi and Manolis Famelos in Concert Fri 12 August 2005
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and loved. The light show was amazing of course, as was the sound. The Garden theatre is very condusive to concerts and makes a great venue to see all kinds of performances, be they Theatrical or Musical. More photos to come later.
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