Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Wed - 7 Sep - Panaghias Church near Cemetery Beach in Kioni, Northern Ithaca, is having a festival tonight and tomorrow morning in reverence of their church. Stella, Kioni local and caretaker of the church, is getting ready for the early evening service at 6.30 pm, preparing sweets and wood oven baked food. Tomorrow on the 8th, at 7.30 am, there will be another service and Goat on the Spit for the congregation. This picturesque corner of Kioni, with its' wonderful views and whitewashed walls and houses, makes a wonderful and intimate setting for Panaghias.
Stella caringly looks after her church from which she lives opposite, and decorates and cleans it for the 3 or so services held there each year. Tonight and tomorrow night, there is also the Panighiri at Kathara Monastery, past the mountain village of Anoghi. The late afternoon clouds are beginning to drop some rain on the island which may make attendance a little thin, but the devout, who head up to the top of Ithaki each year for this Panighiri, will not be hindered by a few drops of rain.
Thu 8 Sep - After a few drops of rain late yesterday afternoon, the evening cleared to a mild, but damp night. The sky was filled with stars and yachts began to dock in the harbors around the island. A small, but devout congregation gathered at the Panaghias church in Kioni and for the hour long service, this little church was given its yearly breath of life. the local women baked
the traditional sweet bread, made with caraway seed, and honey cakes for the congregation to enjoy after the service.
Above - Church service at Panaghias church, Kioni. Papas Babbis, religiously serving the Northern Isle of Ithaki. The 2005 season has kept the resident priest of Kioni very busy with wedding, baptisms and funerals, together with all the Panaghiria of the Summer.
Sun 11 Sep - Above - If this isn't a sign that the hectic season is over, I don't know what would be. Douri and Gerasimoula from Yiannis Taverna in Stavros, eating sweets at Spavento Bar in Kioni. With their feet up and all of Kioni harbour to themselves, these two feel like they are in Paradise. Douri and Gerasimoula deserve it too. Douri wife of Yianni the Taxi driver and owner of Yiannis Taverna has been slaving over a hot stove all season, now it's her turn to take a little coffee break.
Tue 13 Sep - September skies over Lefki with a change in weather closing in. Late yesterday afternoon the wind began to blow, the sky turned black and then...Nothing. No rain, no storm, not even a temperature change. Maybe the predicted change will happen today.
Fri 16 Sep - Manderine skies. Where better to wwatch the sun go down than at Lefki, where the sunsets are spectacular, especially this time of year.
The purple haze of Frikes at dusk. Not many boats coming in this week as the holiday season comes to an end, but it doesn't matter, the days are still warm and there's beauty all around as the colours of Autumn show themselves in the trees and in the skies,
Leigh ann and Rotheis get married in Perahori
Saturday 17th September
Above - Father Vasilis and brother Denis walk Leigh ann through the crowd of invited guests to deliver her to her future husband. FOR ALL THE PICS, CLICK HERE OR ON PHOTO ABOVE
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