Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Around the Villages 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Wed 15 June - Yesterday, the children of Vathy Primary (Grade) School put on a wonderful performance of 'Ulysses Returns to Ithaca' at Dexa Beach, just outside of Vathy. Congratulations on the performances and to the organizers for some great music and wonderful costumes. Dexa beach, with the help of some warm weather and only a little wind, set the scene for this great myth of Ithaki. The afternoon brought life to Dexa Beach, which in winter was bare and deserted, and gave families and friends a good opportunity to get into the mood for Summer festivity. Dexa Beach has sand, and the Cantina is also up and running, no wonder this is one of Southern Ithakis favourite places to be.
Ulysses Returns to Ithaca
Dexa Beach
Vathy on a warm Summers eve
Fri 17 June - Below - A mild and warm night in Kioni. on the bay.
Thur 16 June - Left - Drakouli sits along the bay in Vathy more like a palace than a Cafe, but that's exactly what it is. A cafe with swimming pool outside and billiards inside. Don't let this place intimidate you. Go on in and have a good time.
Right - Wild Dimitri. He said "don't put this photo on, it looks like a Most Wanted Poster." So what do I do? Ignore him. He's not at all as scarey as he looks.. Well, not to me. If you want to make Dimitri happy, give him some up beat Country and Western music. He loves it.
Sun 19 June - After being overcast and scorching hot most of the day, late afternoon on Saturday the skies cleared and gave way to a mild and warm eve with calm bays in Vathy. The long weekend brought alot of people to the island and as more yachts sailed into Vathy harbour, Saturday night began with promising gusto.
A warm golden light falls over Vathy
a quick look inside Siren Restaurant, behind the Vathy Square reveals a big wonderful surprise.
Vathys' children play in the village Square on a warm Saturday Eve.

Sunday 14 June 2005 - Aphrodite Sobola and Marinos Blikas marry at Sotiros Church in Stavros and celebrate their wedding with hundreds of guests at Limnes. Fireworks lit up the skies over Platrithias with the marriage of this couple.


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Click photo for more pics of the wedding in Stavros, Ithaca