Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Around the Villages 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Mon 20 June - Strange skies over the Northern Island as the heat gets cooled down by the night and the damp rises and falls, leaving steam clouds hanging over Ithaki.
Wed 22 June - Above - Pavlos and Lefteris do the Poster round, taking the news of folk singer, Steilianos Belos' performance in Stavros on the 3rd of July, to the villages.
Thu 23 June- Above - Poppy and Nektarios from Rementzo celebrate a Greek Building Tradition, which is that once all the concrete has been laid on a house, the builders and other workmen get lunch free. It used to be that a rooster was killed on top of the roof and then bled out there, but the less barbaric celebration which substitues feasting on souvlaki and winte for the slaughter of a rooster, is enjoyed in these modern days. Congratulations to Poppy and Nek. Now for the Bricklaying, Plumbing and Electricity etc. etc etc.
Above - Kioni Yachties celebrate dry land with a bit of music and dancing. It's gonna be a wild night tonight Josephine. Line up the Svinakia.
Flotilla time
Below - They're lining up in Frikes too, looking like they're ready for some heavy Bemeni action. After all it is Big Wednesday. Could the word be getting around the Ionian?
Frikes Dusk
Sat 24 June - Below - Captain Dionisis takes a walk up and around Aggalio, armed with a video camera and his usual big smile.
Right - Mist cloud rolls over Exoghi at dusk. A common sight in Summer around the northern isle.
Left - Xanthi brings the mythological glow of pregancy into the light of reality. While her husband Niko grills the souvlaki at Rementzo, Xanthi works, and occasionally rests, at their Gift Shop 'The Gods' in Frikes. Xanthi and Nikos Douglas are expecting their first child in September.
A warm(ish) night in Frikes
A generally quiet night in Frikes, northern Ithaki. Only a few yachts in the bay, fishermen untangling their nets and the occasional roar of a moped passing. At Penelope Restaurant (left), Stathis the music man, was sitting this night out, and the usual rush of waitering staff between their restaurants and the bay front was tonight, a relaxed meander back and forth. The wind, which played havoc with emotions during the day, died off after nightfall and with millions of stars filling the night sky, it's kinda nice to be on Ithaki.
Sat 25 June - Right - At one stage there were more motor bikes outside Bemenis than there were people inside, but as the night proved to be mild in weather, more and more people decided to take their Saturday night to the bar in Frikes.
Mon 27 June - Dusk at Kioni in Northern Ithaki. A mild and warm night got people out of their homes, hotels and off their boats to enjoy the village and it's food and wine. The light, the smell and the sounds of Summer are upon us now.
Above - People are always asking about the old stone building on Kioni Bay. It's one of the few houses to have survived the 53 earthquakes and is a home upstairs, and downstairs is leased to Tehnima, where Dimostenis makes the jewellery so many who have come the island are adorned with. The exterior decrations are worth a look too.
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