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Ithaca Summer Fun
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There's movement in Platrithia
Tue 28 June - Start the clock. It's only 4 more days before the long awaited opening of gefyri restaurant and cafe in Platrithia. The boys are putting the finishing touches to the interior (if you can call assembling the kitchen a finishing touch) and are as excited as the community, that the old Levendis building will be brought back to life as the new gefyri. Finally a place to meet, eat and drink in the villages of Platrithia. Locals have been passing by and stopping for a chat with Andreas and Marko, reminiscing about the days gone by when this building represented a meeting place for the community. Opening night is this Friday, 1st July at 8pm. All are welcome for drinks and snacks to celebrate with the boys. Whether you live in the area or not, whether you are a local or a visitor to the island, mark this date into your Calendar and let's give gefyri a good kick start. See you there.
Above - Even Maki Marouda, all the way from Kioni, makes an appearance to see how gefyri has progressed since the last time he was there.
Above - No, it's not the flower pot men, but (L) Andreas and (R) Marko, owners of gefyri.


opens it's doors Friday 1st July at 8pm
There have been plenty of helpers, advisors, onlookers and dissidents, wisenuts, supporters, distracters and sanders, lunches, dinners for workmen and sundry, and trips to Vathy for the paper work and laundry, but now it's time to open up and swallow. Does the toilet flush? Yeah. Ok then, let them in.
Below - Don't forget the Frikes Panighiri on Thursday 30 June. This street will be transformed into a throbbing hub of least that's what Frikes is hoping for. Don't let that it's a Thursday night put you off. Just take a sicky on Friday. A Panighiri is always worth at least 1 sick day, the day after. PARTY TIME!
Wed 29 June - Left - Dimitris from Laertis Farm Fruit and Vegetable Market, stuck in his office doing his book work. Aah, but what an office. While Dimitri does his figures he's surrounded by the Summer sky and shade of the Ithaki trees, not the formica chair and desk and over head airdonditioning that one may expect in an office. This is Ithaki Summer life. Dimitris is half way back from a seious back operation in the Winter. The brace is off and that pained look is gone from his face. He's got more than his back to be happy about. His wife, Ioanna, is expecting their second child in the next couple of months. Looks like his bad back didn't hinder him in that respect. They make them strong here. Eat another banana. It's good for you.
Left - Phillipas and Kathy have an excuse to take themselves out to enjoy the warm night in Frikes with the arrival of Kathys' sister Toni and niece, Tania, from Australia. Kathy had the opportunity to visit her family in Australia earlier this year and now some of them are here to visit her. This should keep the yearnings for family at bay for another few years.
Thu 30 June - Right - A little 'Low Sea' drama in Frikes during the aftrernoon when a local fisherman cut the line to a private Spanish yacht, moored in Frikes bay. Some of the Neilson Flotilla yachts were tied to the spanish yacht so you can imagine the dismay to have discovered such an act that goes against the grain of the seas' unspoken law. Scream, shout and wave your hands about, but don't cut my line.
Above - Panoyiotis (Bemenis) giving his car a little clean in down town Frikes, across the road from his Bar. It's a rare occurence that Panoyiotis is seen on dry land since buying the fishing boat which he lurves.
Don't forget. Tonight it's the Frikes Panighiri. Food, dance and FUN.
Everyone has been enjoying the hot days and the cooling afternoon breezes. Yachts dotted the Ionian sea, enjoying perfect saling weather. As on most afternoons, the yachts dock for supplies, rest and a good wholesome dinner ... maybe a booze up afterwards too.
Some families around Ithaca celebrated Petros Name Day yesterday, so to all the Petros around the world, Hronia Polla.
Left - Kioni is the favourite of many a tourist coming to Ithaca. Day Tripper boats leave more tourists to roam the village at their ease. Ok. Times' up. Back on the boat everyone!
Below - Dimos the Lahos Taxi driver gets ready to ferry people back and forth from the Panighiri tonight at Frikes.
Sat July 2 - Above - A significant change in the landscape is taking place on the road to vathy, at the point where you see Vathy bay on the left and Kefalonia to the right. The old ruin which has been guarding that point since the earthquakes is being brought back to life. Workman are progressing quickly with the terracing and concreting and it won't be long before we'll know the outcome of this renovation. By the looks of it, the new owners are keeping the stone shell and so far there is no upward motion. so no hotel at least. There is still hope for those who fear the building will ruin this beautiful area.
Sat 2 July - Friday 1st July gefyri restaurant and cafe opened its' doors for the first time in over 20 years when it was then known as levendis. Northern Ithacans have yearned for a restaurant and cafe in the heart of Platrithia. It has a warm and wonderful atmosphere designed with love by owners Andy and Mark and will prove to be a great place to meet and eat. The opening was a great success as gefyri took on a life of its' own. It started at 8pm and finished at 6am with great snacks, Greek music and locals dancing. Great night. A success, me thinks.
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