e a s t e r   c e l e b r a t i o n s   o n    I t h a k i

Easter Dance -  12 th April 2004    L e t ' s  P a r t y

It's 11pm and the hall is almost empty.  It's midnight and the dance floor is empty.  It's 1 am and the dance floor is still completely empty.  What's going on? The boys hang around the bar while the girls talk to the girls...Is anyone getting up to dance?

Virna came all the way from Italy for Easter, she's staying put until something happens.

Here we go….


When the clock strikes 2am, the place is jumping.  That's Ithaki for you.  No action until it's almost dawn.

Go Sevasti

The dance took awhile to get going, but once it did the dance floor was heaving.  The stomping and sweating heated up the night which started out as a fizzer and turned it into a sizzler.  The winds that had been blowing all week were still picking up speed causing occasional power cuts.  They weren't appreciated by the dj, but were wowed by the excitement junkies.  By the time someone thought to turn down the lights to create some mood, the crowd were unstoppable. 

That's Easter for another year.  On Wednesday it's back to work.

Just remember when you come to Ithaki, sleep late, eat late and go out late.  Otherwise you miss all the fun!

The boys at the door.  "Money Money Money."

The boys at the bar

"Please dance with me"

Now we're dancing







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