After lunch some sleep, others talk the rest of the afternoon into evening..  The local wine keeps coming and when the day is over, there is still tomorrow with more parties and dances around the island.

e a s t e r   c e l e b r a t i o n s   o n    I t h a k i

Easter Sunday  -  11 th April 2004   

L e t ' s  E a t

Easter Sunday is a day of feasting with family and friends.  The traditional red eggs are cracked and the lamb rotates on the spit outside.

The men cook outside, the women cook inside and the guests look on.

In Raxi, in a house just under  the church, a family celebrate Easter as they have done for decades.

The wind was too fierce in many villages for the barbequed lamb to be cooked outside, but in Raxi where men are men, a bit of wind can't disrupt this awaited celebration.

While the lamb cooks, the offal--intestines, liver, heart, kidneys, testicles, eyes and everything in between, crispy and salted, gets passed around to awaken the appetites in all.  For a vegetarian or the faint-hearted, this ritual is a nightmare. 

Easter Sunday in Raxi was shared with you by Theofolos and Spirithoula Karantzis

H r o n i a   P o l l a

H a p p y   E a s t e r


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