Folklore Museum in the main town of Vathy on the Greek island of Ithaca.  The Gem of the Ionian

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Vathy Ithaca Greece

Folklore Museum

At the Folklore Museum in Vathy you can journey back into the Ithaki of the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s  through the exhibition of implements,

dress and furniture of these periods..

An insightful look back into how Ithaki lived through the 'every day'

Smaragda (left) is just one of the girls ready to show you around the exhibition.  Don't be shy to ask questions.  All the girls at the Folklore Museum are enthusiastic guides,  who find pleasure in sharing Ithakis' history with you. English is widely spoken.

Peruse through the many writings and photographs

Household furniture and goods of the early modern settlement of Ithaca

Urns, musical instruments and spinning wheels

A wealth of Ithaki history under one roof








The Vathy Folklore Museum allows an insightful look back in time

Ithaca home life has been

recreated in this wonderful

exhibition at the Vathy Folklore Museum.

Ithaca of the 1800s

The Folklore Exhibition is beautifully presented

throughout. Great thought put into every detail.

To really learn about Ithaca, a visit to the Folklore Museum is a must.

The Folklore Museum in Vathy is right from the bay road Bakery (next to Alpha Bank). A paved path leads directly to the door.  When visiting Vathy, please visit the Folklore Museum and the wonderful exhibition that takes you through

Ithacas' past.  It is well worth the trip.


Welcome to Ithaca, the Gem of the Ionian

Folklore Museum Vathy


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