Frikes Sailing Guide

Floating Pontoon, effected by ferry wash (especially south to north traveling) No access to land, you must dingy ashore! No water or power! If you use make sure your yacht is a good distance off. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BERTHING!
New Quay, effected by ferry wash (especially south to north traveling) Try to avoid the corner & keep your bows pointing out to sea. No Water or power. NOTE When using this quay berth along side & use springs & plenty of fenders! EXPECT TO RAFT.
Old Quay, the best bet, will get crowded especially early in the week, please berth along side, the holding is not very good here, also a strong breeze in the afternoon pins you to the wall! EXPECT TO RAFT! To the south is reserved for fishing boats. No water or power.
Thanks to Oz from Kiki Supermarket for details of docking at Frikes Bay

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