Fortunately, due to the great respect bestowed upon him by the Ithacan Council, professionals and its' community, his work will stand the test of time, and will not be lost. Future generations will benefit from his lifelong dedication to Ithaca, its' history, its' folklore and its' culture.

A morning with Andreas Anagnostatos

Archivist, Writer and Historian

Andreas Anagnostatos has dedicated his entire life to documenting and archiving Ithakis history and that of its' people, including those Ithacans who migrated to Australia.  His home in Platrithia, where he writes until the early hours of each morning, has the wealth of information, historic writings and photographs he has gathered through his life.  Andreas loves his work, and his books are his treasure and joy.  His lifelong dedication continues to convey Ithakis' past to the present, giving the world an insight into, not only the physical history, but also the cultural changes and personal insights of a community that has had, and continues to have,  Ithaca at its' core.

Thursday 1st December 2005

Dimitris and Nionio from Vathy take a morning to visit Andreas at his home in Platrithia, where they are invited to look through his collection of stamps from 1926 to present day, old photographs and his extensive collection of literature.

Dimitris Danis, who shares his love of books and the history of the island, has great respect for the archive Andreas will leave for the community.

Mr. Anagnostatos' home, over 100 years old,  is itself a historic monument, having survived the '53 earthquakes completely in tact.

Andreas is currently writing the history of the northern mountain village of Exoghi.  He writes articles for various Chronicles and is the Ithacan Correspondent for the Ithacan Philanthropic Society News Letter in Melbourne, Australia  Andreas is a published writer.  His last book was Analecta--Collected from the History and Folklore of Ithaca. Available through the Ithaca Council in Vathy.

In every corner of Andreas home, there is insight into what Ithaki once held for its' community.  A lifelong project of love, with the dedication one can only give when the purpose is an obsession to learn and to educate others in the precious history and culture of Ithaca.

When looking for specifics about Ithaca, Andreas Anagnostatos is the man to ask.  An island treasure who can be counted on to document the life of the island. He worries that his precious archive will be lost once he's gone...

Andreas Anagnostatos

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Ithaca greece.  Andreas Anagnostatos in Platrithia.  Archivist, Historian and Writer