K A T H A R A   P A N A G H I R I

Sunday 7th September 2003

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The Kathara Panighiri was a quiet and inspiring religious festival. The authenticity of this festival is preserved by the monks who still live in the Monastery and the faithful locals, mostly southerners, who maintain their enthusiasm for it.  The surroundings of the Monastery and it's gardens were host to a few hundred people, some of whom make their way up to the top of Ithaca by foot each year to take part in the church service and feast.  A lucky few get to stay overnight for the next days Liturgy.

There was no band playing at this Panighiri, but a girl with her 'Walkman' plugged into some speakers outside, playing a selection of popular Greek music.  The weather began to change around 10pm and the rains started.  Most people gathered inside the dining house at the edge of the Monastery where rows of tables were set up for them. The wine and souvlaki were abundant as with every Panighiri and so were the spirits of those attending this charming and reverent festival.

Kathara Monastery

Panaghia Katharon

At Kathara you can touch the sky