N I K O S   P O R T O K A L O G L O U

Friday 8th August 2003

At the Garden Theatre, Vathy High School, Ithaca Greece

close window to exit


close window to exit

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Two of the band members getting in a quick drink while the crowd calls out for an encore!

Organizer--Alexandros Taflambas

The Garden Theatre was buzzing with excitement as fans of all ages sang along to Nikos' hits.  The night was an astounding success.

Chico (left), Ithacas own Nationally renowned drummer drops in for a quick peak.

Nikos and his band put on a show Ithaca will remember for a long time, at least until next Summer.  Great sound, spectacular light show and hits everyone could sing along to.  His young Band members were also given opportunities to shine as Nikos introduced them to perform their own original pieces.  An appreciative and excited audience soaked up every note these boys played.  By the end of the night, the crowd was jumping!