Baptism of

Anastasia Vasilopoulou and

Yiannakis Tziousani

The Parents

Nikolaos and Julia Vasilopoulos


Emanuelle and Virginia Tziousani

The God Parents

Nektarios Vasilopoulos, Emanuelle and Virginia Tziousani

and Gerasimos Andrianatos

At the Church in Anoghi, amidst original  frescos and a traditional atmosphere, sisters, Julia and Virginia Andriantos, first time mothers, radiated as their babies were Baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church before family and invited guests. It's a wonderful chaos that accompanies a Greek Baptism, with a warmth of a community who join them in this celebration.

The congregation surround  Papas Babbis, who

performs the double Baptism



named after her


Anastastia, mother of


The first Grandchild to Yiannis and Marina Andrianatos and Lazeros and Anastasia Vasilopoulos

In the name of...

Yiannaki is named after his Grandfather Yiannis, father of Julia

Yiannaki is Yiannis' and Marinas' second grandchild

Sunday 28th August


Godparent Nektarios, will soon be Baptising his own daughter, Ariadne

Families united in the Greek Orthodox Church

In the mountain village of Anoghi, the bells chime, echoing down across the plateau for all to know that  Anastasia and Yiannaki are now part of Ithakis' church community.  The parents, grandparents and godparents are congratulated before they gather in the village Square for a dinner celebration.

Congratulations to the Andriantos and Vasilopoulos Families

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Summer Specials 2005  -  hOME ithaca greece

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Summer Specials 2005  -  hOME ithaca greece