Exoghi Panighiri - Sunday July 17th 2005

Close window to exit


Close window to exit


The weather was mild and fine and the Exoghi Panighiri seemed to have a record attendance this year. Cars were parked half way down the hill at the bend before the road up to the village narrows. This Festival seems to be most peoples' favourite, thus they came from far and wide to make the Exoghi Panighiri a success. The band was cooking and when they played a few tunes that orginate from the Epirus region, everyone went wild. Conmgratulations to Exoghi organizers who take such pride in bringing the community the worthwhile and enjoyable Feast of St. Marina.

Ag. Marina Church

The Village Square

The band with no name plays to everyones' satisfction

By midnight it all began to blur with excitement

A time to let down your hair and forget about work

The benefit of coming late is that you have more chance of finding a chair to sit in

The Bar people

Hanging out with friends

Hanging out with your loved one

Hanging in the dark

Great Souvlaki

Getting down Greek Style

Love is all you need

.and a whisky

...or two

...or three

McGyver turning into the Hulk


Keeping an eye on the clock.

Almost a fight, a few broken hearts, some other hearts in a flutter, an elated ego or two, a couple deflated and bruised, sore feet, yes the dance floor was burning from all that desire and letting go of the stresses. Stains on nice dresses, a push and a shove.  "Sorry"  Big smiles, eyes wide open, or shut, give a wink. "Hi, when did you get here?" The bar ran out of tonic for all that Gin and even the beer began to run a little thin, but instead of emptying out by 2am, the party got bigger and louder and wilder, the strong held on til dawn while the tired sat and pondered the long walk to the car. Ag. Marina, Exoghi Panighiri, is over for another year. Hronia Polla to all the Marinas around the world.