...........Frikes Panighiri - Thursday June 30th 2005 5

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As usual the start is a little slow, but as the night goes on...
Once the mania of eating is over and the dancing starts, tourists enjoy being invited into the dancing circle. After a few hiccups, a skip or two, they usually get the hang of lcoal greek dancing. Once the dancing starts, there are feet stomping in all the corners of the village
the locals go wild
In the streets of Frikes






A man with a digital camera getting in the middle of things. Hey...
The Frikes Panighiri is always a little strange. First no one ever really knows whether its' on or not and secondly, if it will be a success. Many times people leave early out of disappointment, but to their dismay, they find out the next day that the Panighiri was huge fun.
that's my job
Da da da da rum ban ban
No, there's no such time as dinner time. Dinner time is all night at the Frikes Panighiri...or at least until the food runs out.
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