Stavros Panighiri


Friday 05th and Saturday 6th August 2005...Night Two

Close window to exit

The second night of the Stavros Panighiri was packed and everyone was suddenly in the mood to party.  The wind had stopped blowing, the night was warmer, and maybe that's all it took to get into the spirit of the festival.

Friday 5th   Saturday 6th 

Close window to exit

Stavros Panighiri



Cars were parked half way to everywhere and the Stavros Square was packed full of locals and tourists itching to take part. A little romance, a little Schwarzeneger, and religion

As usual, families go to the Panighiri early to eat and the party animals roll up around 1am. Cans and bottles arrive at the tables full and as they empty, pile high up on the table tops after supplying the owners with Dutch courage, a reason to party...or live...or sleep, and an opportunity to give back to the community with the funds collected from these beverages. A drink in one hand and a boy/girl/camera in the other.  Ready, set, go. It's now or never.

Boys in white shirts take over the streets and harass fashion victims of the 80's, and girl with camera harasses boys in white shirts.

The busiest place in Stavros is the Panighiri Bar, set up right next to the church, and of course the emptier the bar gets, the fuller Ithaki becomes.

At 4am, Stavros was still layered olive tree to church with people in the mood to stay up til dawn.  The music continued to please the crowd, so the Panighiri band played until all were too exhausted to pluck a note, and tried to wrap it up before the fat lady sang. The mere absence of music was no deterrent for staunch Panighiri veterans. They dispersed around the island looking for other watering holes...and breakfast

The end of another Stavros Panighiri

Ithakis' Police keeping the

You didn't..

I did

Prize winner

...said Id be back

Aha ha

The modern Odysseus (Mr. Diesel) with his crew.  Quick! Tie them down before the Sirens disperse them among the crowd and their rampant seeds spread the party infection.. Haralambos going up?

First timer

"I'm not confused, I know exactly what I'm saying