Above Left  - Right - Vice President of Pyrros Club and Ithakis Post Master, Pavlos Voulgaris, Steilianos Belas, President of Fimios,  Alexandros Taflambas and President of Pyrros Club, Leftheris Daoulas.

Steilianos Belas

Folk music from Epirus

Renowned performer and teacher, Steilianos Belas, performs in the Stavros Square on the steps of the Sotiros Church in Ithaca on Sunday 3rd July 2005.

Performance brought to Ithaki by the Pyrros Club

and Fimios  Ithakis.

Pyrros Club, takes its' name from the past King of Epirus and was founded in 2002  by President, Leftheris Daoulas and Vice-President, Pavlos Voulgaris,  for the people with their roots in Epirus, but living elsewhere, and for the friends of Epirus, to keep the culture and spirit of Epirus alive in its' dislocated community and in the children growing up away from their cultural heritage, with the music and dance of the area. This performance was made possible with the aid of Fimios Ithakis, bringing the music of Epirus to the northern village of Stavros  on Ithaca.

Guitar - Lazaros Tsambas, Singers - Panoyiotis Tsambas and Xaralambos Dokimos and Steilianos Belas and violin - Costa Yiorgos

A gypsy boy takes the opportunity to play with the band during sound check.

Above - Spiros, Ithakis resident mixer and Alexandros Taflambas make sure all is ready for Steilianos Belas.

Stavros Square lights up and the concert begins

After a few songs from the band, Steilianos joins them on stage, giving a short speech describing the reason behind Pyrros, before the concert begins in ernest.

Leftheris and Pavlos start the dancing to get everyone in the audience in the mood.

Steilianos Belas - Folk Music from Epirus

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This concert was a complete surprise. A windy and cool night was warmed very nicely by these mesmerising musicians and their music from Epirus, performed with the simplicity of their heritage and with the spirit that enlightened the enthusiastic audience to join with them in singing the songs that are renowned  all over Greece.

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