Leigh ann and Rotheis Get Married

Saturday 17th September 2005

Perahori Ithaca Greece

Close window to exit


Close window to exit


Invited Guests    Rotheis awaits   Leigh ann arrives   Church and rice   The Reception

The Reception

Leigh ann and Rotheis arrive at Mazourka Estate in Stavros as husband and wife. They descend the steps down to the pool with applause from their guests

Without much adieu the couple cut the cake...

...and enjoy their first dance as husband and wife. Mazourka Estate made a wonderful setting with the lights of Platrithia and Frikes below, mountains rising up into the moonlit sky, theneighbouring  island of Lefkada sparkling in the distance, and the aqua pool reflecting the joy of all who attended.  Catering was done by Meropi and Olympia Vasilopoulou of Symposium Restaurant in Frikes, who prepared a varied and full feast for the Wedding Guests with a friendly staff attending to their whims and needs. Dimos Kostopoulos was Dj for the night and had the guests dancing til dawn with his mix of popular western and Greek tunes. The vast grounds of Mazourka made a fairy tale setting for this Big Greek Wedding celebration

Congratulations to

Leigh ann and Rotheis