anoghi panighiri
Ithaca Greece - Tuesday 14th August 2007
Everyone has their favourite Panighiri, and by last nights attendance at the Anoghi Panighiri, it would be safe to assume, a majority of Ithacans, from the north and the south of the island, have touted it to be their favourite. Souvlaki ran out before 2am and there was not only dancing in the dance circle, but everywhere that one could do a turn and a hop. Anoghi is still brimming with tradition, so it does make for a great time under the chapel tower.
There's no doubt about it. The Panighiri band this year have the formula, to get and keep things going, down to a tee. They've been rehearsing, but have not lost any of the necessary spontaneity which a Panighiri really needs to make it unique. The band have even introduced harmonies that even surprised the locals and encouraged dancing on tables and in the street. The Dance Circle was full from beginning to end.

Anoghi Panighiri 2007





Approaching Anoghi, an almost black and deeply shadowed road, only lit by the stars above, and a chilly wind, greeted the revelers. The music was blown into the pine trees and could only be heard after the first step into the village parameter. Lovers in the shadows, kissing against dry-stone ruins, giggled at near discovery, while along the ascent of the village road, families with children danced along the edges in order not to get trodden on. The wind wasn't too appreciated at first, but by the time everyone had sweated it out to all the greatest Panighiri hits, it had become a cooling respite.

Some had booked a table inside the village Cafe, where open doors gave a birds-eye views down onto the festivities.

Others hid away in dark corners with a couple of friends and a couple of beers.

Most entertained themselves by either dancing or watching everyone else dance.

There's no getting away from the fact that a Panighiri held in the mountain villages has Kefi bursting through the seams of the village. You don't need to understand the music or the people, infection by Kefi is inevitable, and it is ultimately what makes an Ithaki Panighiri so unique and so much fun.

Each August the sleepy mountain village of Anoghi, turns into a Mecca for good traditional fun. People of all ages, from all over Ithaki and from countries all over the world, congregate to fill the village with laughter, music and song, making the Panighiri, as expected, a huge success that will feed the memories of those who attended for many, many years to come.

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