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Cuckoo Play by George Feudeaux. Director by Stelios Sofos. Performed by Ithaki Theatre Group
Monday 14th May 2007 at the Cultural Center in Vathy Ithaca
Introducing the Ithaki Theatre Group 2007
From the moment the curtain opened, strong performances from the initial players revealed the gist of Cuckoo - A cat and mouse game of philandering wives and husbands.
Ithaki Theatre Group - Alexandros Taflambas, Yiorgos Trivilas. Margarita Mihalopoulou Spyros Bouas, Masos Deftereos, Pistoula Marouli, Litsa Diamantatou, Tomi Dendrinou, Maria Kougianou, Yiorgos Kouvaras, Nina Papoulia, Zaharoula Fiapoli Karamitsou, Stavros Delaportas, Haris Drigiannos and Director - Stelios Sofos
Even for those in the audience whose understanding of the play was inhibited by the lack of the full understanding of the Greek language, it was still enjoyable to watch due to the animated performances given by each and every member of the group.
The lead actors of the Ithaki theatre group, Massos Deftereos, Alexandros Taflambas, Tomi Dendrinou, Spyros Bouas, Maria Kougiannou and Zaharoula Fiapoli Karamitsou interacted well with eachother to enable the audience to be involved in the intrigue of infidelity along with the cast.
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Love, lust and infidelity
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Pink suits, black eyes, hilarious dialogue, great performances

Maria Kougiannou and Massos Deftereos were the unfortunate ones to have lost their voices due to a virus of the throat, but their hoarse voices made their parts even more interesting. They continued like troopers to give even greater performances than the previous nights, and were applauded by all.
Tomi was truly brilliant in her performance as the spanish mistress.

Ithacans and visitors who came along to see the Ithaki Theatre Group perform 'Cuckoo' over the weekend of the 12th - 14th May 2007, were not disappointed. It was a successful and satisfying 3 day performance for both actors and audience. Thank you to the Group for allowing me into rehearsals and backstage, and for once again, giving all of us on Ithaca the opportunity for a little fun and alot of satisfaction and pleasure. We all hope there will be another performance in the near future. Congratulations to the Ithaki theatre Group and director, Stelios Sofos.

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