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Cuckoo Play by George Feudeaux. Director by Stelios Sofos. Performed by Ithaki Theatre Group
Monday 14th May 2007 at the Cultural Center in Vathy Ithaca
Backstage it was all about laughter and enjoyment as the Ithaki Theatre Group prepared for their final performance of 'Cuckoo' before their community. The Theatre Group was relaxed and joking around to make it a fitting prelude to their hilarious performance of this french play. By 8.30pm, the Cultural Center in Vathy began to fill as those in the community who had not yet seen the play, gathered to watch their piers perform before them.
Christhanthi, one of the organizers of the Ithaki Theatre Group was in charge of the ticket sales at the door. She welcomed all with a big smile. Ricky Church, retired Manager of British monologue actor, John Stuart Anderson, who has settled on Ithaca in his retirement, was one of the first to arrive for the final performance, along with one of the school teachers from Stavros Primary school.
Cuckoo had been running since the previous Saturday night, competing with Eurovision and sports night at Fiorendinos, but Ithaca knows which side its bread is buttered on, and although the competition was luring, the community chose the Ithaki Theatre Group above all.
For some in the Theatre Group, like Margarita, usually selling the Air sea plane tickets in Vathy, or Stavros, musician and travel agent, it was their first performance, but their pre-play nerves were kept in check as they too relaxed into the experience to get the most out of the night. Other Actors such as Masso Deftereos, Tomi Dendrinou, Alexandros Taflambas and Maria Kougiannou, took it all in their stride through previous experience.
At 9pm, Christhanthi took to the stage to introduce the Director of the play, Cuckoo, Mr. Stelios Sofos from Patras, who worked the theatre group hard over the past weeks, to get the best performance out of each individual, whether their part was a small one or a major one. The hard work was about to be unveiled to reveal whether it had paid off or not.
While the Theatre Group put on their costumes and make-up, the audience waited impatiently for the show to begin. Outside, around the Capital of Vathy, the balmy weather had the community around the village Square, enjoying an early summer evening.
May 14 2007  
The lights dim and the music begins to play
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