Ithaki Dance Group & Shadow Puppet with Christos patrinos
Sunday 20th May 2007 at the Cultural Center in Vathy, Ithaca Greece
Ithaki Dance Group
Cultural Center Vathy Ithaca
Children from the first to the last grade of school took part in the dance performance and the shadow puppet show. The cultural center was filled to the brim with parents and relatives who waited with bated breath for the performance to begin. While the audience settled themselves inside the Cultural center, the children took to the street to get in some last minute rehearsal.
The shadow puppet show is one of the traditional forms of Greek entertainment.
There were some initial speeches of introduction from Vasso, one of the organizers, the dance teacher and the puppeteer, setting up the performance. When the lights dimmed for the shadow puppet show, the younger children in the dance group lined up on the opposite side of the center to enjoy the comedy of the shadow puppets. it's a little rude and little bad, all the more fun for the children and adults to have a good old giggle, which they did. it was a great way to spend a cool night in Vathy.
Dancing started with the more experienced of the dance group. They showed just how well they had rehearsed, with not a step out of time during the difficult folk rhythms of the Greek Dance. Colourful costumes and headwear brightened up the basic stage as they danced across the stage in harmony.
Folk dances of the Ionian
Stepping lightly on Ithaki
May on Ithaca Island 2007
Xarilaos Tsigonias
The men in the Group showed off their talent
This lovely performance was one of the best attended shows at the Cultural center in vathy.
Congratulations to all the dancers
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