Dimitris Danis Birthday Party at Piccolo Vathy, Friday 1 June 2007

Birthday celebrations for Dimitris Danis rocked the Vathy back lanes on June 1, and although everybody likes to stay at the YMCA, this night they decided to hang around at Piccolo because that's where the good times rolled into the early hours. Street party and birthday party rolled into one. The music was pumping out latin to madonna with a bit of everything else inbetween.

As is expected from Mr. Danis, he spared no expense to make sure his friends had a good time and full belly. Food, food and more food, was layed out for all who attended, and to take back the kilos put on by the 'spread' the music had everyone dancing until they dropped (usually the alcohol beat the dancing to it, but what the heck)

piccolo eatery

Dimitris Danis holds a big birthday bash at Piccolo Eatery with all his friends.

Music, disco lights, Dj, food, cake, alcohol & Friends

Above L - R Nektarios and Dimitris
happy birthday

The rest of Vathy was quiet, but the Piccolo corner was raging on.

va th y to wn on ith aca isl an d in the ion ian
Kissing in the corner, dancing in the streets, singing in the bathroom and all the other stuff a good party is made of. Teachers, lawyers, businessmen and Councilors, all put on their party moods to head to Piccolo for Dimitris 15th birthday. No one knows how old he really is, but everyone is happy to let him be whatever age he feels
Dimitris Danis

Not waving, raving. Not bopping, but nodding off.

happy Birthday

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