News Flash!! Ithaca is going to be on tv. ET3 TV - Sunday 13 May 2007 for

'Sunday in the Village'

A Magazine type program on tourism and culture around Greece.

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Ithaca Greece
Vathy Ithaca 2007
The local food and wine of Ithaki
Locals introduced themselves to Marni Hatziemanuil, presenter of the popular cultural program on ET3, Sunday in the Village, and her big smile and apparent interest in the island and its people, gave her big points in the popularity stakes.







Sunday in the Village
Program to be shown on Sunday 13th May 2007, 2.30pm and again the following Tuesday after 8pm
The Brass Band gathers on the bay side to perform in front of the cameras.
ithaca traditional Dance Group
With Holiday Tour Operators abandoning the island in droves this year, the thought of National advertising via the ET3 program was a boost of hope in the midst of much frustration for the accommodation owners of the island.
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