News Flash!! Ithaca is going to be on tv. ET3 TV - Sunday 13 May 2007 for

'Sunday in the Village'

A Magazine type program on tourism and culture around Greece.

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On Saturday 5th of May, the community of Ithaki gathered in Vathy Square with food, dance and music to give a performance of a lifetime for the television program, Sunday in the Village. Everyone was on their best behavior as the tv crew, presenter and director determined the look of Ithaki for National TV. Ithaca was more than a little excited. A little over 2 hours of shooting in the village Square with more footage from around the island through the past week, will air (except for the boring bits which will no doubt end up on the edit room floor) an hour episode Sunday 13th May. The program will have everyone on Ithaki on the edge of their seats to see themselves and their island represented on tele. The morning had a great atmosphere. Some were relaxed, some were stressed, others just sat back to watch it all go on, and here's how it looked through a static lens.
Women from around the villages of Ithaki, prepared traditional Ithacan food to be sampled by the presenter who will make comments for all the public of tv land to hear, so it was important to have it right.
Ithaca on ET3 tv Sunday in the village
The wind blew and the skies threatened rain, but the warm temperature kept people in the Square to see what being on tele was all about.
Tables were set up for the Council members and other political groups. The Papas from around the island were also there to represent the church. There were hairdos and fancy shoes and the biggest cook-up ever seen by Ithaca.
The ET3 crew were polite and laid back. They seemed to enjoy the day as much as the locals and Presenter Marni Hatziemanuil got right into the thick of it with what seemed a genuine interest in the island and its culture.

Microphones Cameras

Ready? Action

Marni Hatziemanuil
Visitors that chose this week to be on the island, may just find themselves archived in Greek tourism history, by getting their faces on film.
Even though the day was cloudy and grey, the bay still made a stunning backdrop to the 'Sunday in the Village' program
Ithakis dancers, brass band and choir, got to show off their talent today.
Ithaki on Television
Yachts in the harbour, people in the Square, locals and visitors from all over the world made the most of the occasion.
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