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Exoghi Panighiri
Festival of Aghia Marina
Tuesday 17th July 2007
11pm - 12am - 1am - 2am - 3am and still no sign of slowing down. The Exoghi Panighiri was a well oiled machine, that once moving, would just gain momento to keep performing into the early hours of the morning. The more people drank, the bigger their smiles, the more people danced, the wetter their brows. The night was really heaving with a combined 'good fun' intention. One person infecting another with KEFI, until even the those at the edges of the Village Square, were enticed into the circle dance.


How much fun can you pack into a short night? Well, lots. The proof is in the Exoghi Panighiri, which each year, succeeds in getting locals, ex-pats and visitors to unite in this annual celebration of Aghia Marina, where they drink, eat and dance the night into dawn ... unless they drink too much and need to find a nice quiet bush to rest in.


Exoghi 2007

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