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Exoghi Panighiri
Festival of Aghia Marina
Tuesday 17th July 2007
So, the first big Panighiri of the 2007 Summer season, our very own Aghia Marina Panighiri, comes to an end. The weather was warm and sultry, thus making it great to be outdoors all night, the band were excellent, yes, they truly were, people attending were all in good moods, ready for fun, energetic and inspiring, in the morning everyone was still speaking Greek, not Awstraylee-ann, and when the sun came up over Ithaki, it was, as always, crystal clear that Ithaca is still the best place to root yourself in a time when life is scarey and confusing everywhere else.
The couples The Children . . . The English Dancing all night The Locals The Dutch The Australians Food and Drink Dini from fiorendino Pop from Rementzo Niko from spavento
That's all folks ... Til next year.

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