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Exoghi Panighiri
Festival of Aghia Marina
Tuesday 17th July 2007
You can always gauge the success of a Panighiri by the expressions on the faces of those in attendance and how long the band played. Guess this Panighiri in Exoghi, was a great success. Everyone smiling and the band played until 4.30am. There weren't as many people as last year, but those who did make it up the mountain, had a really great night. Lots of money was raised for the community and the Panighiri band (basically the old Ithaki Panighiri band with a few new faces) were absolutely fabulous. No waning, no pregnant pauses, just good instincts for what the crowd wanted to dance to.

Whether you were in the thick of it or on the sideline, the atmosphere was electric.

Panighiri Band regulars, Maki Andrianatos and Dimo Kostopoulos were cooking.


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