Forkis Presents ...
To Sklavi
Sunday 29 and Monday 30th July 2007 at the Cultural Center in Vathy, Ithaca

Forkis Childrens Theatre Group

The Players - Kostas Karantzis, Dimitra Makaghianni, Grigoris Vlassopoulos, Christos Daglas Leonidas Makoghiannis, Yiannis Vlassopoulos, Artemis Patsalia - Kostiri, Christina Respombi Vlassopoulou, Sofia Papdopoulou, Panos Vlassopoulos, Yiorgos Tsintilas, Katerini Katsiki, Ilianna Katsiki, Iro Domenikou, Anastasia Remanta, Yiorgos Gourlias, Hariklea Mataraka, Anna Mihalopoulou, Niki Simiri, Memi Patratou, ERmina Ventoura, Maria Panou, Faidra Taflamba, Olga Spirou, Basiliki Deuteraiou, eleni alpitsi, Marina Vlisma, Spuros Dulia, Yiorgos Yiannoutsos, Omiros Tsintilas, Yiannis Koulouris, Dimitris Anastasopoulos.

Director and Musical Director - Athena Arseni

Lighting and Stage Manager - Spyros Spyrou

Costumes - Panayoula Patsalia

Hair Styling - Spiros Vlismas

Wardrobe - Sofia Alexiou

Programme - Daphne Papdaki

It was a sultry night in Vathy, but that didn't stop the community turning out in full for the Forkis presentation of 'To Sklavi' at the Culture Center in Vathy. The performance was sold out by 9pm. All the small children huddled on the floor directly infront of the stage while their parents took their seats, fans in hand to cool the heat that was building in the Center. The people involved in the Foris Theatre Group, love theatre and
they love children. It was evident in the confidence the children took to the stage, and began to infect everyone with their sense of fun for this play. There was nothing odd or uncomfortable. The young Players seemed they were born to be on stage. They were in character from beginning to end with little prompting off stage. It was evident in the childrens performance that Athena Arsenis direction was encouraging and inspiring.

Forkis Childrens Theatre Group

'To Sklavi'

Cultural Center in Vathy
Summer fun on Ithaca
There was dancing and singing, well times jokes and 'one liners' all delivered with conviction and a sense of fun. Ithaki children of the Theatre, showed they had walked the boards before and the months of rehearsal had each and every member of the group, confident in their part.
Despite the heat, it was a great night for Vathy, its community, the Forkis organizers and for the children themselves, showing that amidst computer games, ipods and headphone isolation, there is still a place for live theatre and community participation, especially in the small community of Ithaca, where people turn out to support young and old with their attendances to these presentations. Forkis is to be congratulated for keeping the children in the community connected to the arts in the days of apathy and technological saturation.

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