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Frikes Panighiri
Saturday 30th June 2007
People started to arrive around 8.45pm while the band was still setting up and sound-checking. As is with every Panighiri in Frikes, there's just one menu which consists of grilled or roasted pork or chicken, chips and salad, and that's what the villagers came for tonight.
The staff were on stand-by for possible mayhem







Ithaca Festival 2007
Above - Mike and Sue and Sue and Mike experience the Frikes Panighiri for the first time. A practice run for Kioni, the village they traveled all the way to Frikes from.
Earlybirds get front row seats to the fun
First time visitors to Ithaca enjoy the colour and strange musical sounds coming from the band. They itch to dance, but before they commit themselves, study the moves and steps from a safe distance, all the while smiling at this new experience, called the Panighiri
Above - 2007 Organizer of the Frikes Panighiri, Andreas Maroulis. Everyone knows that this Festival is hell to get moving, but Andreas did a great job in uniting the factions to make it an 'almost' success.
They came from Ireland, Italy, South Africa, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, France, even Asia, but where were the Vathinians?
Above - It's been a long time since this many of the Patricios family have all been to Ithaca at the same time.
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