Niko & Viki get married
Saturday 23rd June 2007 - Gardelaki, Vathy Ithaca Greece
Vathy Ithaca
Like most churches on Ithaca, the church at Gardelaki has treasures and atmosphere, it even has a balcony area. Gold trim and chandeliers, completely enchanting in the Greek orthodox tradition. This beautiful church, with the added benefit of air-conditioning, made the perfect setting for Nikos and Vikis wedding.

Niko and Viki exchanged vows and when it came to promising obedience, Viki, in the great tradition of a Greek Wedding, stepped hard on Nikos foot in rebellion. The guests laughed and then it was time for the ritual throwing of the rice as the newly wed couple were led around the alter of the church by the Papas. The minute the ceremony was over, the congregation headed outside to get some fresh air. The hour long service had taken its toll on the oxygen levels inside the church, so everyone was eager to escape to the church terrace where a long line was formed to congratulate the bride, groom and family, on the marriage of Niko and Viki.


By this time, all the guests were noticeably frazzled from the heat. Sweaty brows, sweaty shirts and a little dizziness from too much heat and not enough water, but nothing was too serious to abandon this most important stage of the wedding ceremony. First the congratulations, then the candied almond bon boniere and cake, something to nibble on before the reception. Laced along the edges of the church, some eager tourists vied for a good position to see just how a Greek Wedding unfolds and women in stilettos, rested their aching ankles and swollen feet while they waited for the line to thin.

Even in the mad crush of congratulations by the masses who turned up to celebrate the wedding with Viki and Niko, the couple still looked as cool as if they had just emerged from the shower. It seemed nothing would ruffle their feathers on this special day in their lives.

Time for the Wedding photos

With the official part of the wedding over, it was on to Dexa Beach for the reception


Vathy, below Gerdalaki church, made the perfect backdrop

queen of the ball


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