Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant takes a midnight swim in Frikes bay as his gift to 5th Birthday - 2nd May 2007.
Personally I would have preferred a kiss on the cheek with his clothes on!
Rien Post, personal trainer and Grill man keeps a close eye on his prize swimmer
...And he's in ...And he's out
some are saying do, some are saying don't, some are saying you're crazy, others have their opinions confirmed, some are saying put your clothes on, but no Nek dives in. It's a cold night, the water is freezing, the boys are watching
Nektarios' personal dresser waits on the pier to dress his mentor of god-like proportions to re-appear from the black pool of midnight sea, while his personal trainer signs away movie and book rights to this momentous event. An alien, passing by on an oyster, decides that there was more space to breed in Nektarios' head, so jumps ship to set up his home in there instead. Nek feels a little itch, but the lure of an applauding crowd completely distracts him from the ET in his head.
"Bravo! Bravo! Our hero has returned" Where's the svinakia?
Nektarios has vowed to his faithful followers, that each morning at 6.30 am, he will be swimming at the 2nd Kravoulia beach in Frikes. If you're a homeless alien, pass by and say hello. He has plenty of room left.
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