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There is no denying that this southern community of Ithaca gets a lot of pleasure out of putting on this festival. Perahori is well known for its organic wine so there's plenty of reason to celebrate.

The mountain village of perahori ITHACA, celebrates its annual wine festival - july 28th 2007

Summer Festival on the Greek island of Ithaca

A record number of people attended the Perahori Wine Festival this year, with plenty of wine in the barrels, it was a great way to get up close to a community usually hidden from the tourist route. You can see that this community have plenty of Kefi (Good Cheer) even before the lights go on in the Square, so it's no wonder that by the time everyone arrives, they are immediately infected by it. From the older to the younger locals, everyone seems to pitch in to help raise money for the community, whether it's helping set up the Square with chairs and tables, or working in the kitchen or behind the bar, or simply and most importantly, paying the entrance fee and buying a raffle ticket. Even the Mayor of Ithaki, Mr. Vasilopoulos, wasn't shy about involving himself in donation and dance, setting a good example for participation in his constituency. The Perahori Wine festival has a distinct, but indescribable difference to the Festivals held in the north. One reason may be that there are few opportunities in which this community can celebrate with eachother as there are no bars or seasides to be involved in, thus making any festival here, the special occasion of the year. The added bonus of this Festival is that getting there can really work your leg muscles. The roads in Perahori are quite steep and for northerners and flat-landers, walking the steep roads of Perahori may be quite a challenge. If you're good at reversing, you can always drive up and drop off the physically challenged or tired right at the entrance or get on a moped, so don't let the steep roads ever put you off attending this wonderful Wine Festival of Perahori, known for its organic wine.

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