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Platrithia Panighiri
Wednesday 15th September 2007
Whether you were driving in from the north or the south of the island, you knew that the Platrithia Panighiri was going to be huge, at least in the attendance stakes. There was a traffic jam, the likes of which has never been seen before on the island, let alone at a Panighiri. Hordes of people everywhere, some walking 30 mins from where they parked their car to the village Square. There was a long line for food and an even longer line for alcohol. There wasn't a square inch left empty, except for the dancing circle. The dancing circle was noticeably and mostly empty until around 2am. That was very unusual for this Panighiri, usually one of the sweatiest of the Season. Attending every Panighiri for the season can take its toll, getting a hangover headache before the party, may not be the best of signs.

The Panighiri band was missed. A Panighiri with drum machine just doesn't get the feet tapping.

Despite the lack of a full band, the Greatest Panighiri hits had some moving in their seats regardless, and while Penelope waited for Odysseas, the Panighiri took to flight and became what it was hoped to be... FUN

Early in the evening the dance circle was speckled with kids and mums, but then with the right bit of musical encouragement, the experts were tempted to their feet to show off their moves.

By 3am, the kids had had enough, and after 4 years of attending every Panighiri, me too, but the parents were just revving up. There were still hours of dancing ahead, and with alcohol nipping insecurities and good sense in the bud, there was no stopping the Panighiri until the fat lady stopped singing, turned off the lights and cut off the beer supply. This years Platrithia Panighiri was a little strange, a little slow to get started and a little crowded to say the least, but as the last big Panighiri, even the dog-tired dragged themselves away from the tele to be part of the experience, too afraid to suffer disappointment should a great time be missed out on. The Platrithia Community and its volunteers did a great job servicing the hordes with food and alcohol and raising money for their community, but if this Panighiris' attendance keeps growing like this, they may have to move to Vathy to accommodate everyone.

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