Stavros Panighiri Sotiris - Sunday 5th and Monday 6th August 2007
Day One ..Day Two
The excitement was so high for Sotiris that it seemed there had never been a Panighiri before this one. The first night was just filled with Kefi spilling out from every corner of the village Square. This years' Panighiri band really has it down. They work the audience to keep them moving to the beat of the Panighiri drum, firstly getting them in the mood, then maintaining the mood to the crescendo, which then, keeps them going until dawn. The Stavros community organizers, as is usual, go to great lengths to make Sotiris a special night for all the locals which then also infects the visitors to the island. The reason for the success of Sotiris however, is primarily due to those attending it. Everyone there was smiling and eager to have fun, and with that on their minds and the will to create and fulfill their intent, how could the Stavros Panighiri be anything less than wonderful.

Stavros Square was a melting pot of ex-pats, locals and visitors to the island. Languages from most corners of the globe echoed through the night.

The usual Stavros Restaurants and bars did well through the Panighiri, but in Stavros, somehow the businesses don't seem to detract from the Festival. The entire village works well together for the benefit of the community.

Everywhere else on the island the wind was blowing wild, but in Stavros, the night was mild, calm and just right for a street party - The boys at the bar and the families in the dancing circle.

George Levendis, Record Co. Exec and once Fame Story judge could well have been rehearsing for Dance with the Stars, but instead, he did his moves in the Stavros Panighiri dancing circle.

When the wind blows, Frikes can be like a ghost town, not usually good, but on the day of the Sotiris Festival, a blessing in disguise. Shops closed their doors early and owners finally had the opportunity to head to Stavros for the party before they were too exhausted to join in the fun.

Each year, the church steps are the perfect place for viewing the dancing circle. It's the place to catch your breath, find your friends or simply to enjoy the party from the side.

After midnight, it was time for the speeches and to auction off a valuable piece of jewelry to raise money for the Stavros community. Meanwhile there were still souvlaki on the grill in the childrens playground, where the make-shift panighiri kitchen was set up, the bar was still pushing space only and the circle took no time to fill again, once the speeches and announcements were concluded.

So, the first night of the Stavros panighiri was a great success, and it wasn't over yet. Day two was still to come. After such a big first night, who knows how many would make it for the second night. There were hang-overs to get over and sleep deprivation to overcome.


Stavros Panighiri

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