It had been raining all day, the temperature had dropped from the warm 29C down to a cooler 18C, and all in all it was the perfect night to stay at home to read a book or watch a dvd. The thing about this time of year however, is that staying at home could mean missing out on something special, so only the really brave, water-shy or those exhausted to the point of collapse, would take a risk such as this. Rain, hail or wind, locals and visitors alike, headed to the centers for company and food, and in return for their daring venture, received a musical blessing, the likes of which is rarely experienced these days.
Five fisherman pulled into the small village port of Frikes with their abundant catch of the day, asked Nektarios from Rementzo to cook it up for their dinner and before too long, out came the guitar and the velvet voices of the fisherman, their faces grooved and battered by sea and shore, began to sing and then to dance, giving everyone lucky enough to be at Rementzo, front row seats at this spur of the moment performance
Tuesday 5th June 2007 - Rementzo Restaurant Frikes
Fisher mans Song

3-part harmonies and Greek classics in candle-light

Food wine song and dance

Most restaurants and bars on Ithaca give opportunity to impromptu performances and dancing, even if it's not on the menu, but this spur of the moment bit of tradition was something a little more special. The fisherman from Patras had real talent and before the night was over, they had united everyone in song and dance. For the visitors they even did their own rendition of Delilah.

Alpha man and captain of the fishing boat, shone. Performer with a velvet tone.

Poppy started the dancing, and from the minute her feet grazed the floor and her hips rolled around her waist, everyone jumped to their feet to join her.

ithaca by night in frikes a night to remember

It was a really great night that too many missed, sitting at home worrying about the rain. It may be that these days you can't count on the weather, but one thing you can always count on is that somewhere, someone around the villages on Ithaca, will liven up a wet night or a rainy day with something very special to remember.

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